Auto Fuel Tank Repair Kits

Save buying a new or replacement tank. Fixes seam wells, pinholes, & stops rust for good.

Leaves a ceramic like finish inside the tank. Fuel tank repair is more than just pouring in a litre of sealer and sloshing it around.

If gum, varnish, sludge or fuel is inside, it must be removed first, because no sealer will work in a contaminated tank.

Our very popular Tank Repair Kits have everything you need to do the job right.

The Motorcycle Repair Kit is specially designed for bikes and other small tanks as well, including outboards, recreational vehicles, chain saws, lawn mowers, generators, tanks, etc. Enough for a 20 litre tank.

Whats in the Box

4 Litres Marine Clean (to clean)
1 Litre Metal Ready (to prep)
1 Litre Fuel Tank Sealer (to seal)
Repair Fabric
Inspection Mirror
Detailed Instructions to do the Job