CEA Plasma Cutter 26i

  • Single Phase
  • DC
  • Less energy consumption
  • High Power Factor

PLASMA CUT 26i compressor, a single phase IGBT based inverter power source with built-in professional compressor, ensures an extraordinary high quality cutting of any metal and perforated lamination sheet. Its lightness and incorporated compressor allow its portability and make it absolutely necessary for any maintenance work whenever lacking an air compressor source. Powerful, compact and light, PLASMA CUT 26i compressor is the ideal solution for installers,blacksmiths, car body repair, plumbing and building industry.

Technical Data

Single phase input 50/60 Hz V: 230

Input Power @ I2 Max kVA: 5.6

Delayed Fuse (l2 @ 60%) A: 16

Power Factor / cos φ: 0.57/0.99

Efficiency Degree: 0.78

Current range A: 10-25

Duty cycle at (40°C) A100%: 15

 Duty cycle at (40°C) A 60%: 20

 Duty cycle at (40°C) A 35%: 35

Cutting Capacity: Quality 6 mm  Severance 8 mm

Protection Class IP: 23s

Dimensions: L: 540 mm W:220 mm  H: 425 mm

Weight kg: 18.5