CEA Plasma Cutter 40i

  • Single Phase
  • DC
  • High Efficiency

PLASMA CUT 40i, built according to the very latest INVERTER technology, represents the most efficient solution for the manual cutting of any metal and perforated lamination sheet. The electronic control, coupled with inverter precision and flexibility, allows to determine the most correct parameters to obtain high quality cutting in function of material and thickness. Lightweight and handy single phase PLASMA CUT 40i with PFC is the ideal choice in car body repairs, agriculture and maintenance.

Technical Data

Single phase input 50/60 Hz V: 230

Input Power @ I2 Max kVA: 5.4

Delayed Fuse (l2 @ 60%) A: 16

Power Factor / cos φ: 0.99/0.99

Efficiency Degree: 0.83

Current range A: 20 - 40

Duty cycle at (40°C) A100%: 20

 Duty cycle at (40°C) A 60%: 30

 Duty cycle at (40°C) A 40%: 40

Cutting Capacity: Quality  10 mm  Severance 15 mm

Protection Class IP: 23s

Dimensions: L: 490 mm W: 185 mm  H: 390 mm

Weight kg: 16