CEA Echo 4 000

Three phase MIG-MAG semi-automatic equipment suitable for any industrial application, such as medium and largefabrication work, shipyard and steel construction. ECHO series, thanks to its modularity, grants the maximum versatility in any welding application. ECHO 4000 CV - 5000 CV and 6000 CV power sources, usable with a wide selection of wire feeders and different length interconnecting cables, allow the remote control facility of all welding parameters directly from the feeder. The multiprocess ECHO 7000 CC CV is able to perform multiple processes, i.e. MIG, MMA, TIG and GOUGING with carbon electrodes. ECHO 4000 CV - 5000 CV and 6000 CV, when equipped with digital ES5 feeder, thanks to preset welding programs, really become an intelligent and user friendly synergic equipment enabling, even non expert operators, to easily adjust welding parameters in any circumstance according to material, gas and wire diameter being used.

Technical Data

Single phase input 50/60 Hz V: n/a

Three phase input 50/60 Hz V: 230/400

Input Power @ I2 Max kVA: 20.1

Delayed Fuse (l2 @ 60%) A:  45/25

Power Factor / cos φ: 0.92-0.95

Efficiency Degree: 0.76

Open circuit voltage V: 16.5-44

Current range A: 25-400

Duty cycle at (40°C) A100%: 230

 Duty cycle at (40°C) A 60%:  310

 Duty cycle at (40°C) A 35%: 400

Wires: 0.6 - 1.6

Protection Class IP: 23s

Dimensions: L: 1060 mm W:600 mm  H: 780 mm

Weight kg: 104


Voltage electronic adjustment

Remote voltage control facility from the WF and DF feeders used with interconnecting cables up to 50 meters (and over)

Innovative design with shock-proof fibre compound front panel and robust ergonomic handle for easy manoeuvrability

Lower energy consumption in respect of step adjustment power sources

High reliability and reduced maintenance costs, lacking any electromechanical adjustment components

QBS motor braking system for repeated and constant arc striking

Automatic "Hot Start" to always get a precise arc striking

P.C.B. in an isolated rack for protection against dust and dirt

Standard equipped with cylinder holder undercarriage fitted with large wheels for easy handling

Two inductance positions, in a protected lodging, for an excellent welding pool in any situation