CEA Spot Welder PPN 3F CC

DC air operated spot welders, three phase supply, designed for spot and projection welding.
Suitable for both spot and projection welding , PPN3FCC models fully meet the mass production toughest industrial applications. Thanks to their features, they represent the ideal solution for resistance spot welding of Aluminium and other material not easily weldable by conventional resistance equipment. Equipped with microprocessor control, concomitant safety side buttons and solenoid valve, upon request, they can be supplied with special controls and configurations.



  • High quality joints
  • Large power for projection welding
  • Large power for welding with increased arm lengths
  • The presence of magnetic materials between the arms does not affect the welding
  • Long electrode life


  • Balanced power absorption on the three mains phases
  • Low primary consumption
  • Lower cost for electric power
  • High power factor and output

Technical Data

PPN 3F CC 100

Three phase input 50/60 Hz V: 400

Rated Power at 50% kVA:100

Power at 100% kVA: 71

Delayed Fuse (l2 @ 60%) A: 125

Open circuit voltage V: 6.3

Short circuit current dA: 60

Max welding current dA: 48

Work stroke mm : 100

Dimensions: L: 1480 mm W: 430 mm  H: 1890 mm

Weight kg: 1100

Optional Extra's

A. Adjustable double stroke cylinder
B. Double set of concomitant side buttons and double pedal for 2 program
welding cycles
C. Welding program quick selector (only with controls allowing such function)
 Flowmeter stopping the welding process in case of insufficient water flow
Double pedal for squeeze and welding after workpiece position checking
 0,5 bar low pressure solenoid valve for applications requiring same
 Proportional valve to select and control two pressure levels