CEA Shark 75

Powerful and compact, SHARK 75 is the most efficient solution to fully meet the cutting needs of medium and light fabrication work. Its always precise cutting performance enables the achievement of the highest standards in all circumstances. Top quality cutting is achieved at high speed thanks to SK75 HPC High-Performance-Cutting technology torch, which offers a powerful and concentrated cutting beam.
Smart Start Transfer and Smart End Cutting functions permit both initial and final cutting phases in an optimal way.


Innovative electronic circuit during arc striking gives an optimal and gradual pilot arc switching to the cutting arc, by ensuring an immediate stability of the plasma beam for a longer life of the torch consumables.



At the end of the cutting process, the current gradually reduces to an optimal value, which favors part detachment in an efficient way. Besides minimizing noise at the end of cutting, this device also obviates the necessity of the operator having to manually separate the pieces, thereby avoiding any damage to cut surface ends.


  • SK75 torch with HPC High Performance Cutting technology and coaxial cable
  • Powerful, compact and light, only 23 Kg
  • More productivity thanks to high quality and cutting speed
  • Reduced operating costs granted by longer life of the consumable parts

Technical Data

Input Voltage 50/60Hz V 400 - 3ph
Input Power @ I2 Max kVA 11
Delayed Fuse ( I eff) A 16
Power factor/ cos   0.87 / 0.99
Efficency Degree   85
Current range A 20 ÷ 70
Duty Cycle at (40°C) 100% 55
  60% 65
  x% 70 (40%)
Cutting Capacity Recommended 20 mm
  Maximum 25 mm
  Severance 30 mm
  Piercing 15 mm
Gas Supply   Air/ N²
Gas Pressure bar 5.0 - 5.5
Gas Flow L/min 180 ÷ 210
Protection Class IP 23 S
Dimensions mm 390 x 185 x 595
Weight Kg 23