Chassis Cote Black - Semi Gloss

A durable hard, flexible non porous coating suitable for use as a topcoat over regular POR 15 and other coatings.

This abrasion resistant black is not sensitive to UV light and is POR 15 tough.

Here is a companion product to the POR 15 Rust Preventive Paint.... a topcoat with all the characteristics of the POR 15 Rust Preventive Paint, but with no sensitivity to UV light.

Like regular POR 15 it may have tiny imperfections that make it unsuitable as a cosmetic exterior finish.

Just like regular POR 15 it is strengthened by exposure to moisture, is flexible, non-porous, and very scratch and abrasion resistant.

Sprayed or brushed on frames, floorboards, flat decks, fences and in hundreds of other home and industrial uses, it is unsurpassed as the ultimate exterior protection for metal against rust and corrosion.

It has great spreadability 1 litre covers 9 TO 11 metres squared.





Inner guards

Wheel wells

Inside body panels

Leaf springs

Suspension components

Fuel tank exteriors




Truck & trailer units

Automotive & marine engines


No UV sensitivity, hammer tough, non porous

Self levelling - leaves no brush marks, high solids

High spread rates

High chemical resistance