Convention Rotators, Self-Aligning Rotators

A set of conventional welding rotators consists of two units; a motorised drive and an idler
support unit.
Once the work-piece is supported onto rotators it can be rotated precisely into the required
position for fitting, assembly and welding of the work-piece quickly, safely and efficiently.
Rotators can be set up as fit up bed modules and can also be used to handle cylindrical
structures while they are cleaned, painted or inspected

Model Capacity

ACR-50 2500 kg per set
ACR-100 5 t per set
ACR-200 10 t per set
ACR-400 20 t per set
PR5/7DM 5 t per set
PR10/15DDM 10 t per set
PR15/25DM 15 t per set
PR30/45DM 30 t per set
PR60/100DM 60 t per set
PR100/15DDM 100 t per set
PR120/250DM 120 t per set
PRSE150/150MYM 150 t per set
PRS200/200DM 200 t per set
PRS300/300DM 300 t per set
PRS500/500DM 500 t per set
PRS1000/1000DM 1000 t per set