DC1000 Power Source

DC 1000 Power Source

  • Extreme-Duty CC/CV DC Welder
  • MIG
  • Flux-Cored
  • Submerged Arc
  • Air carbon Arc Gouging
  • Standard Ammeter and Voltmeter
  • Rugged Tubular Pak-Lok-Frame

Technical Data

Weight: 372 kg

Dimensions (mm) H x W x L: 781 x 572 x 991

Rated Output: 1000 A, 44 V at 100% duty cycle

Output Range: 16 - 46 A 150 -1300 A

75 V maximum O.C.V.

Input: 230/460/575 A, 60 Hz, 3-phase

The DC1000 is designed for semiautomatic and automatic welding. It produces outstanding arc characteristics on both constant voltage and constant current processes.

This provides great welding versatility in a single power source. The DC1000 has the capability of air carbon arc gouging up to 16 millimetre diameter carbon sticks. It produces outstanding welding performance with a single range full output control potentiometer.

The precise output of the DC1000 enhances productivity and quality control.

• Extreme-Duty™ stainless steel construction for operation in harsh environments

• Windings and rectifiers protect against moisture and corrosive environments

• Ammeter and voltmeter for viewing weld parameters

• Three position mode switch (CV Submerged Arc, CV Innershield, CC Submerged Arc/Gouging) for optimal arc characteristics

• 500 amp output stud provides enhanced lower current arc characteristics for stick welding

and short arc solid wire and gas welding (machine codes above 9500)