Dynasty 200 DX TIG Welder

Dynasty 200DX TIG Welder

  • TIG
  • Pulsed
  • Stick Processes
  • High-Speed DC TIG Pulse Controls

Maximum flexibility - Miller Electric combines advanced inverter technology with Auto-Line™
technology, offering the most flexible AC/DC TIG/Stick power supply in the welding industry.
The Dynasty 200 DX provides pulse on/off, pulse frequency, peak % time, background
amperage, initial amperage, initial slope time, final slope time and final amperage control.
• Advanced squarewave arc for improved weldability on aluminium and magnesium using low
power - continuous high-frequency is not needed because of the advanced squarewave arc
• AC frequency control range of 20 - 250 Hz provides control for a focused arc, resulting in
better directional control to help produce desired arc/weld bead characteristics
• Low OCV Stick is a simple design that reduces open-circuit voltage to 5 - 10 VDC when the
power source is not in use. This built-in circuit design eliminates the need for add-on voltage

Technical Data

Weight: 20.5 kg
Dimensions (mm) H x W x D: 343 x 191 x 546
Welding Amperage Range: 1 - 200 A
Rated Output: 3-Phase: 200 A at 18 V, 20% duty cycle
150 A at 16 V, 60% duty cycle
Single-Phase: 150 A at 16 V, 60% duty cycle
100 A at 14 V, 100% duty cycle
Maximum Open-Circuit Voltage: 80 VDC 12 - 16