FEIN WSG 25 - 180

The most powerful FEIN angle grinder for extreme grinding work.

  • The 2,500 W FEIN high-power motor makes this the most powerful FEIN angle grinder with outstanding sanding capacity over the entire working range of up to 150 % load.
  • Flat drive head allows the tool to be plunged into workpieces.
  • Soft start for safe handling from the word go.
  • Rear handle can be rotated through 4 positions.
  • Dustproof ball bearing.
  • Sealed electronic parts.
  • Carbon brushes with self cut-off function.
  • Restart protection.
  • Also available with Auto Stop (with dead-mans switch) for maximum safety

Technical Data

Input: 2 500  W

Output: 1 700 W

Speed, no load: 8 500 rpm

Cable with plug: 4 m

Weight according to EPTA: 6.3 kg

Flange: M 14 

Grinding disc Ø; 180 mm

Elast. Backing pad Ø; 180 mm

What's in the Box

1 wheel guard

1 pair of flanges

1 additional handle

1 key