Fit-Up-Bed Rollers

FUB-30 Fit-Up-Bed Rollers

Fit-up-bed rollers are specifically designed for cans-staging applications. These rollers enable the fabricator to reduce costs by dramatically reducing the time and effort required for aligning and jacking of cans. The FUB-30, with its unique features, is particularly advantageous for the piping and vessel-construction industries. This system has been designed and built to withstand harsh and rugged environments. Replaceable polyurethane tyres are mounted onto a cast-steel drum
for durability and superior traction. Also available with optional steel rolls.

Technical Data

Dimensions (in) H x W x L: 37.6 x 89.8 x 230.7

Dimensions (mm) H x W x L: 955 x 2280 x 5860

Weight: 5,290 kg

Minimum Vessel Size: 78.7" (2000 mm) at 37  included angle

Maximum Vessel Size: 177.2" (4500 mm) at 32  included angle

Tyres: Polyurethane, D 20.5" (520.7 mm) x W 7" (177.8 mm)

Electrical Panel: IEC IP Code: IP55

Turning Speed: 130 to 1295 mm/min at 50 Hz

Input Power: Per customer specifications

Control Voltage: 24 VAC

Remote Control, Standard: Push-button control pendant, with 10 m control cable

Travel Car: Motorized bogie

Travel Speed: 178-1780 mm/min

Travel Motor: AC 2 HP c/w brake

Power Pack: 2 HP