A major breakthrough in clear coat technology, Glisten PC is a high gloss, rock hard, water-clear topcoat designed for spray or brush application over all metal surfaces, including highly polished aluminium and chrome surfaces.

Utilising high solids moisture curing urethanes and performance in adhesion, corrosion protection, flexibility and UV stability.

Glisten PC will dry in less than 1 hour, but will take 3 to 4 days to reach maximum hardness.

After using the Glisten PC prep products, AP120 and POR 15 Solvent it will bond like no other product you have used before to polished alloys, chrome, polished brass, stainless steel and existing paint work.

Glisten PC has many applications, besides the obvious of stopping metals from oxidizing.

It is also excellent at boosting the performance of existing coatings for harsh environments where impact / salt laden / acid can damage regular paints.

Glisten PC is also tag proof (graffiti), just use a solvent soaked rag and wipe off without damaging the clear coat.


Transport industry applications

Rims, pressure vessels, bull bars, fuel tanks

Aluminium tanker bodies, alloy wheels, inlet manifolds, superchargers, stainless steel, signs, brass


Tested to 180 degrees C

Bonds to polished metals and POR-15


Tack free in 20 minutes (20 degrees C)

Easy to clean

Unaffected by diesel, petrol, acids, solvents