Hypertherm Powermax 105

The Powermax105 delivers superior cut capabilities on 1-1/4" (32 mm) thick metals. It has the duty cycle and industrial performance necessary for tough cutting and gouging jobs.

Seven Duramax torch styles provide versatility for hand cutting, portable automation, x-y table cutting, and robotic cutting and gouging.

Smart Sense™ technology automatically adjusts the gas pressure according to cutting mode and torch lead length. It also detects electrode end-of-life, automatically turning off power to the torch to prevent potential damage to other parts or to the workpiece.

Technical Data

Input voltages: 200 - 600 V 3-PH, 50/60 Hz

Input current @ 21.9 kW: 200 - 600 V, 58 - 22 A

Output current:  30 - 105 A

Rated output voltage: 160VDC

Duty cycle @ 40°C (104°F): 80% @ 105 A

Dimensions with handles: D: 592 mm W: 274 mm H: 508 mm

Weight w/  7.6 m  torch:  45 kg

Gas Supply: Clean, dry, oil free air or nitrogen

Input power cable length: Inverter - 3 m

Power supply type: Inverter - IGBT