Pferd Inox Industrial Power Brushes

PFERD industrial power brushes are quality tools for surface machining. PFERD offers a comprehensive range of high-quality brushes for professional machining of various materials and applications. Within the PFERD range, you can find the best brush for every application, for every machining problem and for every material.
PFERD quality is certified according to ISO 9001.
■■Special quality wires (oil tempered wire) with high flexibility and bending fatigue strength ensure long tool life
■■High concentricity due to even distribution and secure fixing of the filament material
■■Optimum finishing result due to close matching of brush body and visible trim
■■Good price-performance ratio More brushing in less time
PFERD produces knotted wheel and bevel brushes according to a specific manufacturing process. The special fixation of the brush knots contributes to a significant increase in performance.
■■25 % longer service life than other commercially available knotted brushes
■■Savings in set-up times, reduction of tool costs and greater cost-effectiveness

Available in various styles and sizes