Invertec STT ll, LN742/ LF33

Invertec STT ll, LN742/LF33

  • Invertec STT ll Waveform Control Welder
  • Low Heat Input
  • Consistent X-ray quality welds

The revolutionary STT process permits open gap root pass welding in pipe with greater ease of operation, better back beads and edge fusion with less spatter and smoke than other available processes. STT II can be used with a variety of welding consumables including mild steel, stainless steel, high nickel alloys and silicon bronze. When using CO2 on mild and most alloy steels, the STT II is designed for challenging semi-automatic and automatic applications where spatter, smoke, heat input and penetration control is critical.

• Consistent X-ray quality welds

• Low heat input

• Digital meters for accurate procedure setting

Technical Data

Weight: 53 kg

Dimensions (in) H x W x D: 23.2 x 13.2 x 24.4

Dimensions (mm) H x W x D: 589 x 336 x 620

Rated Output Current: 225 A/29 V/60%

200 A/28 V/100%

Output Range: 0 - 450 A

LN742 Semiautomatic Wire Feeder

Weight: 10.8 kg

Dimensions (mm) H x W x D: 277 x 248 x 244

Input: 42 VAC 50/60 Hz 4 A

LF33 Semiautomatic Wire Feeder

Weight: 17 kg

Dimensions (mm) H x W x D: 440 x 275 x 636

Input: 34 - 44 VAC