Kranzle Quadro 4x4 Single Phase K599TST

The most powerful 240V on the market!

Ideal for heavy duty cleaning applications, such as truck/ tractor cleaning, dairy/piggery sanitising and cleaning in vineyards and wineries.

Industrial rated 1400rpm single phase blaster.

What is the benefit of chemical applied under high pressure?


Chemical is sucked up from the water tank with the water, and applied at high pressure, meaning there is no reduction in pressure which traditionally happens with a chemical injector. This means the efficiency is increased by 30%!

What is the advantage of a water tank?

No pump damage due tolack of water - cavitation.

Technical Data

Operating pressure, continuously adjustable 30 - 150 bar (435-2175 psi)
Max. admissible overpressure 165 bar
Water output 10 l/min. (600 l/h)
Inlet water temperature max. 60 °C
Suction height 2.5m
Nozzle size, Dirtkiller 035
Nozzle size, flat jet nozzle 20035
Motor speed 1,400 rpm
Connected load 230 V, 12.0 A, 50 Hz
Power intake 3.3 kW
Power output 2.4 kW
Weight 62 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) in mm 780 x 395 x 870
Volume water tank 10L