Electric Knife Sharpener


Knife makers use abrasive belts to sharpen knives. Now you can too! The Work Sharp Knife & Tool Shapener gives you a perfect convex edge on any knife blade. The secret is the flexible belt technology. The belt flexes to any blade shape and creates a strong, shaving edge on your blade. It even sharpens blades that other sharpeners can’t. Its the sharpest edge you’ve ever used!


Pro - Level Sharpening Technology
Fast and easy to use
Won’t burn or damage blade steel
Precision sharpening guides for repeatable results
Easily replaceable abrasive grit belts
Heavy - duty manufacture

Contains: Outdoor Knife Guide with 2 x 25° knife guides and a scissor guide
Kitchen Knife Guide with 2 x 20° knife guides
3 x Abrasive Belts: P80 Coarse Belt, P220 Medium Belt, 6000 Fine Honing Belt