Lincoln Power Wave 455M

Lincoln Power Wave 455 M

  • Multi Process Welder
  • Dual Feeder
  • Power Feed 10M Dual Wire Drive
  • Water Cooled

For welding thicker materials in robotics, hard automation and semiautomatic applications and for other applications where heat input control, minimal distortion and reduced spatter are essential, opt for the Power Wave455M This model features Waveform Control Technology for both STT® mode and superior arc performance on a variety of materials, including steel, stainless, aluminium and nickel alloys, and custom control of the arc for each wire type and size for consistent welds time after time. The PF10M Dual is a unique dual-head wire feeder which allows you to use two different types of wires individually for different welding applications (STT® and Pulse as an example).

Technical Data

Weight: 162kg

Dimension: H x W x D: 663 x 505 x 835

Input Power: Power Wave 455 – 380/415V

Output Range: 5-500A