Lincoln Vantage 575

Lincoln Vantage 575

  • MMAW
  • TIG
  • MIG
  • Submerged Arc Gouging Processes
  • Standard Touch-Start
  • DC TIG Welding

Technical Data

Weight: 741 kg

Dimensions (mm) H x W x D: 1295 x 800 x 1600

AC Auxiliary Power: 20,000 watts

Output Range: 30 - 575 A CC/CV range

Duty Cycle: 450 A/38 V/100%

500 A/40 V/60%

For heavy duty welding and arc gouging, the Vantage 575 stands up to the toughest job

applications. The Vantage 575 features the advantages of Lincoln Chopper Technology, an

innovation to control the DC welding performance. Simplified front panel layout and presentable digital welding meters which make setup quick and easy. The Vantage 575 is also a powerful generator producing 20 kVA of auxiliary power, 240 and 415 volts. Enough power to run 2 or 3 additional inverter power sources for multiple operator performance.

• CC-Stick mode is optimised for general purpose and E7018 low hydrogen electrode

• Arc control adjustment for a soft, buttery arc or a more forceful, digging arc

• Touch-Start™ DC TIG welding, for easy arc starting that avoids tungsten contamination and the use of high frequency

• Digital meters

• Automated Remote Control Capability