Metal Core Drilling Unit up to 50mm Auto

Lightweight and clever, fully automatic 2-speed tool. Saves time and money in the workshop and on the construction site.

  • Saves time and money when producing a large number of holes thanks to the digitally controlled drill feed.
  • Thanks to reproducible and timed drilling times, working hours for commissioned and serial work can be planned.
  • Universal work, such as tapping in manual tool mode thanks to clockwise/anti-clockwise rotation and MT3 interface.
  • FEIN high-power motor with stable speed.
  • Electronic speed setting.
  • High magnetic holding force.
  • Convenient magnetic holding force display.
  • Integrated coolant tank.
  • Tilt sensor.
  • Controls which can be clearly seen.
  • * Also available with accessories.
  • ** In manual tool mode only

Technical Data

Carbide core drill bit max. diameter: 50 mm

HSS core drill max. Ø: 40 mm

Core drill, drilling depth max.: 50 (75*) mm

Twist drill max. Ø: 18/23 ** mm

Tapping: M 16** 

Countersinking max. Ø: 50 ** mm

Reaming max. Ø: 23 ** mm

Input: 1 200 W

Output: 610 W

1st gear: 130 - 260 rpm

2nd gear: 260 - 520 rpm

Core drill holder: QuickIN/ 3/4 in Weldon (AU,CA,US,UK) 

Tool Holder: MK 3 

Stroke145 mm

Total stroke range315 mm

Magnetic holding power12 500 N

Magnetic foot dimensions195 x 90 mm

Cable with plug4 m

Weight according to EPTA16,2 kg

What's in the Box

1 case

1 coolant tank

1 lashing strap

1 swarf hook

1 centering pin

1 drift key

1 contact guard