Nibbler up to 3.5 mm

Powerful nibbler with unlimited curve-compatibility for grooves and cut-outs.

  • Ideally suited for grooves and cut-outs in sheet metals, tool can turn on the spot.
  • Cutting direction can be adjusted in 90° steps without the need for tools.
  • QuickIN clamping system for quick, tool-free punch and die changes.
  • Optimum power-to-weight ratio.
  • Long tool life, punches can be reground.
  • Motor with outstanding performance and stability.
  • Warp-free cutting of flat and bent sheet metal.
  • Optimally suited for template cuts.
  • Chip protection mesh on vent slots.
  • Handle can be rotated 180°.
  • 5 metre cable.
  • Stainless steel up to 1.8 mm.
  • Wide range of accessories.

Technical Data

Input: 1 200 W

Output: 750 W

Cutting speed: 1.3 m/min

Strokes: 750 rpm

Cable with plug: 5 m

Weight according to EPTA: 3.5 kg

Steel up to 400 N/mm²: 3.5 mm

Steel up to 600 N/mm²: 3.5 mm

Steel up to 800 N/mm²: 2.3 mm

Non-ferrous metals up to 250 N/mm²: 1.8 mm

Plastics: 3.5 mm

Immersion Ø with die: 30 mm

Cutting width: 14 mm

Rad. of smallest curve (inside/outside): 7/0 mm

What's in the Box

1 cutting head

1 die

1 punch

1 additional handle