Own Your Own Cylinders

12 and 36 Month Membership Option

Join up to our 12 or 36 Month Membership Plan.

This will allow you to pay off your cylinder over 12/36 months with a little bit of added interest.

How does it work?

Come into store pay for your gas upfront then put your cylinder onto our 12/36 month membership option. Once you have paid your 12/36 months you own a cylinder in the  system.  No rent to pay.

Payments can be taken straight off your credit card.

No More Rent!

Own Your Own Cylinders.

Come in and pay for a cylinder full of gas at the new price then once it is empty come in and swap it over for another cylinder at the exchange rate. Simple!

No rent to pay, keep the cylinders as long as you wish, you own the cylinder. Once it is empty bring it in and we swap it for a cylinder that is full and in date.