ProHeat 35 Components

The induction blanket is the newest innovation in pre heat technology. The flexible, lightweight blankets come in a variety of sizes and are capable of preheat temperatures of up to 204 degrees Celsius. The blankets easily conform to circular and flat parts and install in a matter of seconds. Manufactured from durable high-temperature materials, flexible induction blankets withstand the tough conditions in industrial and construction applications. Each blanket comes with securing straps and a replaceable Kevlar sleeve which provides added protection against abrasion, cuts and tear, extending the blanket life

Output extension cables are available in 25,50 and 75’ (7.6,15.2 and 22.8m) lengths and provide interconnection between the power source and the induction blanket. The insulated twist-lock connector at the power source end identifies the type of heating device to power the source controller. This cable identification system prevents over duty cycling of the heating blanket

The series cable adapter is used to combine two blankets in a series. Enables one power source and one output cable to be used to create extra heating area using two blankets.

The liquid-cooled heating cable couples the power to the part to be heated. The silicone hose encloses a special copper conductor specifically designed for carrying high-frequency current to maximise efficiency. The hose also carries the coolant, which cools the strength and durability

Output extension cables are available to remote the power source up to 50 feet away from the work. Insulated quick-connects are used to easily remove and attach the coolant lines. The cable identification system, built into the connector at the power source end, identifies this as a liquid-cooled system and permits full power. The cables are flexible for ease of use.

Preheat cable covers are available to protect the heating cable from slag and molten metal created during welding. The cable covers must be used with the ½” preheat insulation, with temperatures up to 343 degrees Celsius

The insulation is designed to insulate the work for the process efficiency, maintain the optimum coupling distance between the coil and the work, and protect the liquid-cooled cable from high temperature. Preheat insulation is provided in strips of six of twelve inches wide and ten feet long. Preheat insulation is ½” (12.7mm) thick due to the lower temperatures of preheating. The insulation is cut to length for the application. Postweld heat treatment insulation blankets are sized and stencilled for the pipe size to be treated. It is sewn into the silica blanket which provides high durability, 50 thermal cycles or more can be achieved with one blanket