CEA Rainbow 183 Cell VRD

VRD - Voltage Reduction Device - everywhere you weld
RAINBOW 183 cell VRD
unit is standard fitted with a Voltage Reduction Device to reduce the maximum open-circuit voltage at the output terminals to less than 15 V as long as the arc starts and the selected welding current becomes fully available.
On the contrary, immediately at the end of the welding operation, the power source voltage goes back to a safe level till next welding cycle reoccurs.
RAINBOW 183 cell VRD always provides the users with an additional safety protection when working in all highly hazardous environments such as damp, caustic, salty and wet places.
This machine is fully compliant with strict Australian Standards AS16742.-2003 imposed for welding machines used in any place classified as dangerous. All such features make RAINBOW 183 cell VRD ideal for use in mining industry and onsite works. 
The voltage monitoring LED changes colour depending on circumstances, i.e.

  • GREEN: whenever voltage is less than 35V both while welding or in open circuit condition.
  • RED: whenever voltage is more than 35V while welding, depending on the real arc voltage.

Technical Data

Single phase input 50/60 Hz V: 230

Three phase input 50/60 Hz V: n/a

Input Power @ I2 Max kVA: 11.3

Delayed Fuse (l2 @ 60%) A: 20

Power Factor / cos φ: 0.67/0.99

Efficiency Degree: 0.82

Open circuit voltage V: 12

Current range A: 5-  180

Duty cycle at (40°C) A100%: 100

 Duty cycle at (40°C) A 60%: 120

 Duty cycle at (40°C) A 20%: 180

Protection Class IP: 23s

Dimensions: L: 390 mm W:135 mm  H: 300 mm

Weight kg: 6.5


Reduced weight and size, easy-to-carry

Innovative and compact design

Shock-proof fibre compound main structure

Control panel protected against accidental impact

Robust handle built-in into the chassis

Excellent welding characteristics with any type of electrode

Low energy consumption and high electrical efficiency

Suitable to be used with 100 m length mains cable without power loss

Possibility to work with power generator sets of adequate size thanks to over-under voltage protection against fluctuations

Automatic compensation for mains voltage fluctuations within + 15% – 20%

3 available welding processes: MMA - CrNi - TIG

Built-in Arc Force to automatically select the best welding arc dynamic characteristic

Automatic Hot Start to improve the arc striking with the most difficult electrodes

Electrode Antisticking function