Sheet Metal Shears up to 2.5 mm

Easy-to-use, curve-compatible sheet metal shears for working with stainless steel.

  • High performance and powerful motor for the most difficult tasks.
  • Unrestricted view of the cutting line makes faster work progress possible.
  • Four-fold reversing blade for clean and burr-free cutting with low operating costs.
  • Perfect for trimming and cutting.
  • Unrestricted view of the cutting line.
  • Good curve precision with low sheet-metal distortion.
  • 5 metre cable.
  • Stainless steel up to 1.6 mm.

Technical Data

Input: 350 W

Output: 210 W

Strokes: 800 - 1 700 rpm

Cutting speed: 3-6 m/min

Cable with plug: 5 m

Weight according to EPTA: 2.1 kg

Steel up to 400 N/mm²: 2.5 mm

Steel up to 600 N/mm²: 2.0 mm

Steel up to 800 N/mm²: 1.6 mm

Non-ferrous metals up to 250 N/mm²: 3.0 mm

Rad. of smallest curve: 20 mm

What's in the Box

1 pair of blades

1 set of wrenches

1 hand guard