Kemppi Beta 90

Kemppi Beta gives the welder perfect protection  without compromising visibility or user-friendliness.  Kemppi Beta welding helmets are equipped with a  pivoting filter glass on top of a clear safety glass, which  also fills the requirements set for grinding.

The filter shade level (EN 3/11) and sensitivity on the  Beta 90A helmet are fixed. The Beta90X model you can adjust both filter shade level and sensitivity of the filter lens. Therefore, Beta 90X is well suitable for all welding processes (filter shade range 4/9-13).  You can also adjust the filter delay in the Beta 90X model, meaning how rapidly it becomes clear after arc cut-out. The adjustment range is 0.2–0.8 seconds. Due to effective angular dependence compensation, the Beta

90X deters light hitting the glass in an angle.  Therefore, this model is ideal for demanding welding jobs