Nelson Stud Inverter / Welder

Nelson Stud Inverter / Welder

  • Great for lack of space projects
  • Easy to use
  • Call for advice

Technical Data

Weight: 43.5kg

Dimension H x D x W: 330mm x 250mm x 520mm

Input Power: 3PH 400-480V, 50/60Hz @ 15A

Output Current: 50-1500A (step adjustable)

Welding Rate:

Drawn arc 16mm dia. : 7per minute

19mm dia. : 3per minute

Short cycle:12mm dia. : 30per minute

Full-size diameter of welding:

Drawn arc 3mm-19mm

Short cycle 4mm-12mm

Shield cycle 3mm-12mm


Stud welding is where a metal stud is end welded to another metal object instantaneously, utilising an arc to melt the areas being joined. The two most popular methods are Capacitor Discharge (CD) and Drawn Arc Stud Welding.

Construction Sites, Mine Sites, Decking installations, wear plates, propping & formwork

good or bad construction sites are a world unto themselves. Lack of space, tight deadlines, multiple trades in close proximity, rigorous safety and QA documentation, and sometimes questionable drawing details, all come together to create what can be a challenging environment.

We would be happy to discuss your project with you and recommend the appropriate equipment and studs.

The welding process and operation is not complicated, an unskilled handy person can easily perform the task successfully.