Welding Positioners

Model Capacity
RP500K 500kg
RP1T 1 000kg
RP1T-TS 1000kg
PR3T 3 000kg
RP3T-TS 3 000kg
RP5T 5 000kg
RP5T-TS 5 000kg
RP10T 10 000kg
RP35T 35 000kg
WHP-2.5-135-400V-A 0.25t (250kg)
WHP-5-135-400 V-A 0.5t (500kg)
WHP-10-135-400 V-A 1t (1000 kg)
WHHP-10-400 V-A 1t (1 000kg)
WHP-30-135-400 V-A 3t (3 000kg)
WHHP-30-400 V-A 3t (3 000kg)
WHP-50-135-400 V-A 5t (5 000kg)              


Welding positioners are designed to manipulate a non-cylindrical work-piece so as to present the weld instantly in the down-hand position to the operator or welding head.
The work-piece itself is mounted on the positioner table which can then be both rotated and tilted to manipulate the work-piece into the required position.
The use of a welding positioner enables the operator to manipulate their own work-piece un-assisted, provides accurate and consistent rotation speeds for high-quality welds and optimum deposition rates, saves time wasted by cranes, reduces accident hazards, speeds up work, and increases output through greater efficiency leading to a reduction in welding