Gas Equipment Safety Audits

and Flashback Arrestor Testing

Oxy fuel gas equipment has many uses- cutting, heating and welding and allied process, such equipment is versatile easy to transport and moderately cheap.  It is so extensively used that some operators forget about the dangers. Countless people each year are injured by incorrect or careless use and the lack of maintenance and testing. This equipment should be audited in association with Australian Standards- 4839, 4603.

If you intend to use mobile or portable oxy/fuel kits for welding, cutting, heating or any other allied process your equipment must be compliant with relevant Australian standards.  It is a national requirement that oxy/fuel kits are tested and tagged to the relevant A/S 4839-2001 and A/S 4603-1195.

Our service includes:

Systematic Testing

  • Safety inspection and all testing carried out
  •  Repair and maintenance of Oxy-Fuel equipment as required by AS4839-2001
  • Flashback Arrestor Testing as required by AS4603-1995
  • Each kit is identified and recorded in an individual report
  • Non- compliant equipment identified in report
  • Tagging of equipment with test date
  • Gas Manifold Testing as required by AS4238 – 1996
  • Free testing of any new flashbacks that have to be replaced
  • Written reports provided for your equipment register

Gas Equipment Safety Audits are able to be completed onsite at your location or on Norstate compound.

The Australian Standards sets out in there guidelines that Gas Equipment Safety Audits should be preformed on your Gas Equipment every six months and on your flashbacks every 12 months.

At NIS we aim to help our customer achieve a Safer, Healthier and a more Productive working environment through our audit program. Remember safety is a full time responsibility.

Norstate is able to quote you on your specific needs including audits at Norstate or Site Audits.

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