Industrial Gas, Welding and Paint Supplies in Rockhampton


Norstate Industrial Supplies is a locally owned business dedicated to provide quality efficient service. We aim at providing our customers with the right quality products to help you get the job done. Here at Norstate we have friendly helpful staff to direct you towards the best deal. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff members at Norstate Industrial Supplies.

For friendly, quality assistance contact the team at Norstate Industrial Supplies  


At Norstate Industrial Supplies we stock a wide range of Customer Owned gases from LPG domestic/commercial, welding gases, industrial, balloon gas, CO2 for home brew and pubs, liquid withdrawal to agricultural. We provide a wide range of gases to suit all jobs.  Norstate also supply customer owned cylinder for LP Gas and CO2 cylinders for home brew. Come in or phone up to check out our prices.


Norstate Industrial Supplies has all your welding supplies. We stock Cea, Wia, Hypertherm and Miller welders. We supply all your welding needs including safety apparel, welding wire, tig rods, tungstens, consumables for your welder, helmets, jackets, gloves. We also stock rehydrating products such as Thortz, and E-Cool vests.

Industrial Paint


Norstate Industrial Supplies is aimed at supplying high quality paint to help you get the job done. We stock Wattyl paints, Permanent Protective Coating for all your restoration needs, and Norglass for your speciality finishes. We stock a wide range of industrial and commercial coatings such as: agricultural, marine, two packs, resins, rust preventatives, fuel tank repair kits, wood treatments, liquid glass and poly U. Come down to Norstate Industrial Supplies for all your paint requirements.