Miller Dimension 562

DC Multi-Process Capability

Provides versatility and outstanding arc performance in CV (MIG) and CC (Stick, TIG, CAC-A).

Internal Digital Voltage Control (DVC)

Enables operator to pre-set weld Voltage in the CV mode prior to welding.

Built-In Arc Control

Allows the operator to get in tight without sticking the electrode. An electrode compensation circuit ensures
consistent arc control performance regardless of the electrode size.

Line Voltage Compensation

Ensures consistent weld performance by keeping output power constant even if primary input power varies by ±10%.

Remote Voltage Control

Allows operator to change Voltage from feeder.

14-Pin Receptacle

Provides quick, direct connection to Miller 14-pin wirefeeders and accessories.

Enclosed Circuit Boards

Provides additional protection from contaminants resulting in longer service life.

PC Board Protection

Prevents the wirefeeder power or other stray Voltages (less than 115 VAC) from harming the power source PC board.


Easy to start difficult Stick electrodes such as E-6010 and E-7018.


Power source cooling system operates only when needed – reducing noise, energy use and the amount of contaminants pulled through the machine.

Technical Data

Rated Output:  450 A at 38 VDC 100 % Duty Cylce 

Amp/Volt range 20-565A in CC mode / 10 - 38 V in CV mode

Input at Rated Load Output, 50/60HZ:

400V 3P: 46 / 51

KVA 31.4 / 35.3

KW: 22 / 22.3

Dimensions (mm): H 762 W 585 D 960

Weight: 192 kg


Ship Building

Refineries & Foundries

Railcar Manufacturing

Pressure Tank & Vessel Fabrication

Pipe Welding


Heavy Manufacturing


Earth Moving Equipment