CEA Dual

he twin spot welding DUAL 30 units are the most suitable solution for single side welding and they ensure the possibility to realise multi spot welding equipment in a simple and cheap way.
Each twin spot unit is fitted with its own welding control,thus allowing independent operation or, by connecting more units together, you can weld either in electric or pneumatic cascade or simultaneously.


The “push-pull” system allows to operate on thicker thickness. To do so you should  connect DUAL 30 in a special version with a built-in control to a similar unit, placed on the opposite side, prepared without any control.

Technical Data

Single phase input 50/60 Hz V: 400

Rated Power at 50% kVA:30

Delayed Fuse (l2 @ 60%) A: 63

Open circuit voltage V: 6

Short circuit current dA: 20

Max welding current dA: 16

Dimensions: L: 380 mm W: 162 mm  H: 630 mm

Weight kg: 68