WIA Weldmatic Fabricator

The Weldmatic Fabricator has been the industry standard for over 30 years, with proven performance and reliability that is second to none.


A complete industrial welding solution for medium and heavy industrial fabrication, including vehicle manufacture, ship building, aluminium and stainless steel construction and the full range of steel fabrication.

Rugged & Reliable

This compact MIG has the power to comfortably run all popular sizes of solid and flux cored wires.

Precise Set-up and Control

Digital Volt and Amp meters with last weld displayed for 30 seconds for precise set-up. The separate ON/OFF switch enables weld settings to be retained. 30 step Voltage controls enable fine tuning of weld settings for precise welding control.

Built-in Operator Safety

The power source features a built-in thermal protection device that will cut in if the machine is operated beyond its safe thermal operating zone.

Reduced Power Consumption & Less Noise

Fan-on-Demand™ cooling system uses less power and generates less noise by only operating when needed, meaning improved efficiency, less maintenance and a safer working environment.

Gas or Gasless

Suits gas shielded and flux-cored wires.

Spool Capacity

Accommodates 5kg and 15kg spools – meaning greater flexibility across a range of applications.

3 Year Gold Shield Warranty

Every Weldmatic machine is backed by WIA’s industry leading ‘Gold Shield 3 Year Warranty’, covering parts and labour, and supported by an Australia wide service network. You can be guaranteed you’re buying reliability and performance.

Technical Data

Primary Voltage: 415 Vac - 50 Hz  3 Phase

Rated Primary Current: 18 Amps

Max. Primary Current: 30 Amps

Recommended Generator kVA: 20 kVA

Rated Output @ 40C (10mins):  400A, 34 V 45% Duty Cycle,  270 A, 27.5 V 100% Duty Cycle

Welding current Range: 40 - 400 Amps

Wire Size Range (mm): 0.6 - 1.6 solid

 Wire Size Range (mm):  0.8 - 2.0 cored

Shipping Weight: 200 kg

What's in the Box

W64 4 Roll Drive Wirefeeder

3.6m Euro Gun Cable

Bernard™ Centerfire™ Tip 0.9mm

10m Work Lead

10m Interconnecting Leads

Gas Regulator/Flowmeter

Drive Rollers: 0.9/1.2mm "V"; 0.9/1.2mm knurled (gasless, flux cored, metal cored)